Community Partners



We are so grateful that our community believes in our students and our program and is so involved in our school.  Here are some of our community partners:


Matthew 25: Matthew 25 provides garden lessons to all of our students.  They maintain our outdoor garden, living wall, and three hydroponic systems in the school.  They have also taken our students on walking field trips to Groundswell Cafe.

EcoCare Supply: EcoCare takes care of all our school’s composting.  The supply bags, bins, and haul everything to the solid waste agency to be composted.  Their CEO also mentors our students in Green Leadership.

Linn County Conservationists: The Linn County Conservationists have partnered with us to get our students on into nature as much as possible.  They lead us on field trips and in-class presentations and also support us at School of the Wild.

Linn County Solid Waste Agency: The Solid Waste Agency has supported our waste-reduction efforts.  Every student in our school visits yearly to learn why it is necessary to reduce our waste and what steps we can take to do that.  

Indian Creek Nature Center: The staff an Indian Creek have also partnered with us to bring our students into nature.  Besides having on-site field trips, they bring animals and activities to our school.

Monarch Research Project The Monarch Research project has donated seeds to redesign and certify our Monarch Waystation.  They also donated Monarch caterpillars to our kindergarteners to support our science lessons.

Linn County Master Naturalists: The Master Naturalists have provided us with an amazing volunteer who is redesigning and replanting our Monarch Waystation.  He is using other Naturalists and students to make the Waystation a safe place for both students and pollinators.

I-Renew: I-Renew helps us with our renewable energy research.  They helped us build our pedal power generators!

Taylor Area Neighborhood Association: TANA hosts a back to school party each August.  They also donate the prizes and food for our Sustainable Families Night, and provided the signs for our bioswale.