The mission of the Cedar River Academy is to develop a community of high achieving, future ready learners with a passion for the sustainability of our environment, our community, and our self.


We recognize that the future of our world depends on taking care of our environment.  We pass this message on to students by teaching them best practices for waste management (including composting) so they can take these practices home and teach their families.  We teach about the importance of pollinators and how to grow pollinator gardens. Students learn how to grow their own food, and in the spring every child will bring a tomato plant home to grow some of their own food. 


Our community is an important part of who we are.  We believe in teaching students the value of having a strong community.  We take walking field trips to various places in the community so the students recognize how many businesses and services are within walking distance of their home.  We have also used the city bus when taking field trips to take advantage of our public transportation system. We also believe that to sustain a community, you need to recognize the different cultures.  We celebrate what makes us special! We formed a partnership with the National Czech and Slovak Museum to develop lessons, projects, and field trips related to immigration, migration, and sustaining and celebrating cultures.


We know that before we can take care of our community and environment, we must take care of ourselves first.  Sustainability of Self lessons revolve around our social, emotional, and behavioral wellness. Teachers develop lessons and activities to help students manage big emotions, large and small problems, and mindfulness.


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