Hard Surface Routes Only

Through Friday, Cedar Rapids school buses are running on hard surface routes only.

Gardening with Matthew 25

We are in a bit of a transition right now with garden lessons. Throughout the fall I took students from each grade on Tues/Thurs during recess for 15 min garden lesson. I am now switching to longer lessons (25 min) during science class. I also do 2 half hour lessons with the preschoolers every week. We have learned about composting, recycling, eating a rainbow of veggies, seed planting, worms, seed saving, root veggies, garlic, prepping the garden for winter, and of course indoor gardening with the hydroponic tower systems. Across the board, students have been pretty thrilled about the garden, and everything that is growing in it. It's fun to cultivate that excitement and help them to learn about hands-on gardening as well. In March, I will be working with 3-5 grades to plan the garden and start seeds.